With the Fillmaster Pro installed in your pharmacy, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got by without it. Reconstitution is lightning fast and accurate while flavoring is part of your everyday workflow. Integrated barcode scanning means the risk of dispensing errors and waste is greatly reduced. Pharmacists and technicians love the Fillmaster Pro for all of these reasons and more.


The process couldn’t be more user-friendly. For reconstitution, simply scan and confirm the drug using the integrated barcode scanner. Then press “Dispense” to automatically get the exact amount of water needed. For flavoring, there are just two extra steps. Select the flavor, then dispense the amounts called for on the display – specific to the medication scanned. The Fillmaster Pro software contains reconstitution and flavoring data for over 7,500 unique NDC’s.

The Fillmaster Pro Dispenser includes

• Fillmaster Pro Dispenser
• Water Filtration System
• Integrated Flavoring Database
• 7,500+ NDC’s
• SD Data Card for Quick Upgrades
• 5” Touch Screen
• Barcode Scanner
• 10 FLAVORx Flavors
• 1 Sweetening Enhancer
• 1 Bitterness Suppressor
• In-Store Marketing Materials
• Doctor Detailing Materials (upon request)
• 24/7 Technical Support
• Annual Total Care Plan
• Access to Special FLAVORx Programs

Fillmaster Specifications:

20.5” x 15.5” x 7”
12lbs (fully loaded)
• ¼” White Tubing: 50 Ft
• 12v/5A Power Supply
• 12 FLAVORx® bottles (30 mL) (optional)

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