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High Quality Purified Water -
Day In and Day Out

With the FillPure Water Purification System, you’ll tap into your incoming water line to supply your pharmacy with unlimited Purified Water on demand. This system is ideal for reconstitution or any other task that requires purified water.

How It Works

Main Benefits

• Easy to maintain
• Unobtrusive
• Provides High Quality Purified Water
• Minimizes waste


Filter dimensions & weight: 16”L x 5.75”W x 14.5”H, 7.5lbs
Water tank dimensions & weight: 12” diameter x 15.5”H, 8.0lbs empty
Filtration capacity: Up to 9 gallons of water/day

Inside the Box

• 2 gallon tank
• 4 Stage RO System
• Zero Bac Filter
• Zero Ion Filter
• Airgap faucet
• Installation hardware

We Think About the Quality of Your Pharmacy Water, so You Don’t Have to!

The FillPure water quality maintenance program focuses on providing pharmacies with the highest quality purified water. Our mission is to give pharmacy operators the peace of mind that the water used for reconstitution is the very best product possible and meets or exceeds safety standards.

Program Includes:

• Annual service visits
• Water quality testing
• Filter replacement and system sanitizing
• Access to individual store water quality reporting
• Custom dashboards and reporting
• Pre and post visit phone calls
• Database updates
• Complete repair warranty
• 24/7 customer phone support

Did You Know?
Every Fillmaster dispenser comes with our FillPure Water Purification System included.