Our filtration system is included with each of our three dispensing units—the 3600, 3400, and 2600. The system produces pharmacy-grade water of the highest quality and consists of:

  • A 2-gallon capacity empty water tank
  • Our patented Pharmapure® 4-stage reverse osmosis filtration unit
  • An air gap faucet that provides fresh, pure drinking water for you and your entire staff

The tank and reverse osmosis system are easily installed underneath the sink, eliminating measuring devices, water jugs, and a cluttered work area. You can even connect multiple dispensers to one filtration system for greater efficiency.

Change filters only once a year and save hundreds of dollars in replacement costs compared to other filtration systems. Plus, when you add our Customer Support Plan, your filters are replaced automatically each year. No guesswork, no ordering, no waiting.

Your Customer Service Plan includes:

  • Unlimited, unconditional warranty on the entire system
  • All maintenance items and supplies replenished automatically or as you need them
  • Free shipping and handling of all replacement parts and maintenance items
  • Regular database upgrades (for the Fillmaster 3600 only)
  • 24-hour support via phone or the web
  • Toll-free number for your pharmacies, direct to our customer service team, 24 hours a day

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