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Transform your pharmacy’s workflow with the Fillmaster Pro. This pharmacy water dispenser makes reconstituting medications accurate and lightning-fast, while seamlessly integrating flavoring into your routine. Barcode scanning technology reduces the risk of dispensing errors and wasted water, which ensures patient safety while keeping pharmacy costs low.

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How It Works

With the Fillmaster Pro, reconstituting and flavoring medications couldn’t be more user-friendly. Simply scan the medication’s label, and the Pro’s 5-inch touch screen will display the medication’s name, strength, and quantity of water to be dispensed. Confirm the information is correct, press “Dispense,” and the Pro will dispense the water in two parts, allowing time in between for you to mix the prescription. If the patient would like to add a custom flavor, the Pro will display the flavoring recipe on the screen so that you can add the ingredients using a syringe. The Fillmaster Pro software contains reconstitution and flavoring data for over 7,500 unique NDC’s.

Fillmaster Specifications:

20.5” x 15.5” x 7”
12lbs (fully loaded)
• ¼” White Tubing: 50 Ft
• 12v/5A Power Supply
• 12 FLAVORx® bottles (30 mL) (optional)

The Fillmaster Pro Dispenser includes

• Fillmaster Pro Dispenser
• Water Filtration System
• Integrated Flavoring Database
• 7,500+ NDC’s
• SD Data Card for Quick Upgrades
• 5” Touch Screen
• Barcode Scanner
• 10 FLAVORx Flavors
• 1 Sweetening Enhancer
• 1 Bitterness Suppressor
• In-Store Marketing Materials
• Doctor Detailing Materials (upon request)
• 24/7 Technical Support
• Annual Total Care Plan
• Access to Special FLAVORx Programs

Did You Know?

Every Fillmaster dispenser comes with our FillPure Water Purification System included.

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