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Intelligent, efficient, accurate

Reconstitute medications quickly and easily with the Fillmaster Digital and offer your patients a quality customer experience. With a compact design and cost-effective operation, The Fillmaster Digital will help your pharmacy staff ensure accurately reconstituted medications and decreased wait-times for patients.

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Reconstituting medications shouldn’t mean wasted time and money for your pharmacy. The Fillmaster Digital makes this task in the pharmacy workflow quick and effortless, leaving more time for the pharmacy staff to focus on customers.

Instead of measuring out water needed to reconstitute a medication, the pharmacy employee simply needs to enter the NDC, or with the barcode scanner option, scan the label, and a digital read-out displays the drug name and the volume of water to be dispensed. Simply press the Dispense button, and half the amount of pure water is delivered. Then shake the bottle, place it back on the machine, hit Dispense again, and it finishes filling your prescription. The Digital is capable of dispensing water from 9ml to 1000ml and is accurate to within +/- 3%.


The compact, computerized Digital includes a Script Scanner™ NDC code reader, allowing you to simply scan the barcode on the product label. Smartscan™ enables the Digital to “learn” new NDC codes easily. The system includes a database with most reconstituted antibiotics, eliminating expensive waste by getting the right prescription every time.

Did You Know?

Every Fillmaster dispenser comes with our FillPure Water Purification System included.

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